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My friends at USIM  

Posted by: Sebaik-baik Keredhaan

I have two friends who are close with me at USIM. Wherever I go, they are still follow me like me always follow them wherever they go. We know each other start first semester when we study at USIM.
One of them lives at Banting, Selangor and the other one is lives at Muar, Johor. Both of them are kind and intelligent persons.

Many people around us say that we look very close. If one of us not walks in a group, of course our classmates will ask something to us or to our friends. They feel something was happened with us.

Usually, I have many things to talk with them. So, I spend many times to talk with them everyday. Maybe, people around me feel uncomfortable with me because I talk many things per day. If I quiet, I feel something wrong with my self.

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cam knal jer orang yg dok muar tu?hehe

eh,knl k?bgus r kalo aku nk pastikn btol k org yg hang teka..erm,die ni org yg plg byk ckp k plg suke wat kecoh dlm kls?

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